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Thread: Army/Marine obsession with abs?

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    Army/Marine obsession with abs?

    My gym teacher is an ex-marine, so some of the stuff we do in gym class has a lot of marine background to it.

    What I cannot understand about the army/marines is how much ab work they do in comparison to the rest of the body. He has us doing abs nearly everyday, along with some pushups now and then, the occasional pullups, and some body weight 1/4 squats.

    I've asked him why we do so much ab work and try to get at several things. One, being overtraining by doing them daily (he's convinced they have superior recovery). And another, the lack of importance of this muscle group. As a bodybuilder I'm probably a bit biased to the importance of the abs, since this isn't a very important part to nail your training on. I know it's a crucial stabilizer group for lifts such as squats and deadlift, but they never even work their lower back.

    I don't get it, if you get your army jeep stuck in the mud and need 3 guys to push it out, what muscle will be most used? I'd say legs and back. But legs and back (at least lower) seem completely overlooked by them.

    He trys to tell me that "the abs are where you get ALL your power from". I ask him to explain and I don't really get a clear answer.

    I just can't understand why in the world anybody would train abs daily, and not even touch other muscle groups such as upper legs or lower back.

    Anybody have any studies or profound thoughts that perhaps might help him understand where I'm coming from?

    Any links to studies about how the abs do not have supierior recovery either (man I hate that misconception, it's almost as bad people thinking you have to workout everyday of the week to get big)?
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