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Thread: slow, controlled, good hard contraction

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    slow, controlled, good hard contraction

    How important is it to get a good flex at the end of the rep, even if it means using less weight?

    For instance, assuming all other factors are equal, who gains more mass faster:

    (A) the guy who concentrates and does a rep slowly and controlled in good form and feels a good hard contraction at the end of a rep using less weight, or

    (B) the trainer who does a "controlled," non-sloppy rep faster but without really concentrating and without getting a decent flex at the end (ie--just moving the weight up and down but *with* relatively good form and without being excessively sloppy)?

    Let's assume the first guy is using the max weight he can to get a controlled rep with a good contraction, but it is less than the second trainer, who just moves the weight, not sloppily but without a good contraction and without really feeling the movement.

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    It is possible to lift your max weight with proper form, it just takes practice and concentration. Form is always important, but you don't have to sacrafice weight to have good form.
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    I disagree with Hahn.
    I believe with a little body english you can always lift more weight than your "proper form" max.

    Reading your options A and B above, I find myself drawn to B, however my abdominal training has taught me one thing, going through the movements with weight isn't enough. Its all about the contraction.
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    i'm drawn to the b catagory as i find myself able to push myself harder and further when i go at speed during reps.

    However they are still done with good form and arent sloppy. But like geoffgarcia said it deppends on the movement.


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