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Thread: Competition - Win AtLarge Nutrition and ATP products!

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    Competition - Win AtLarge Nutrition and ATP products!

    Hi everyone,

    We are pleased to bring you hopefully the first in many competitions on Wannabebig. This particular competition is brought to you by AtLarge Nutrition and APT Pro Wrist Straps

    Ok, so lets get down to business.

    How exactly do you enter this competition?

    We are looking for a funky name for our newsletter. The newsletter goes out monthly and is published at

    Currently its called the "Wannabebig Muscle Newsletter". A little uncreative, yes we know

    So we are asking for people to suggest a new name for the newsletter. All you have to do to enter is is simply reply to the following thead with a suggestion for a new newsletter name.

    The thread is located here:

    So whats on offer?

    The winner will be picked by Myself and Maki, and we will pick the one we honestly think is the best. Our decision will of course be final

    I will then randomly pick 3 other runners up out of the remaining entries.

    The prizes are as follows:

    First place winner: choice of 2 x AtLarge Nutrition products, a set of APT wrist straps and an AtLarge Nutrition t-shirt. (Oh, and also the honor of coming up with the newsletter name )

    Second place winner: choice of an AtLarge Nutrition product, a set of APT wrist straps, and an AtLarge Nutrition t-shirt.

    3rd and 4th place winners: a set of APT wrist straps, and an AtLarge Nutrition t-shirt.

    Other Important Information

    - The competition will run from Friday 7th November 2003 - Friday 28th November. We will name the winners on Monday 1st of December.

    - Anyone is allowed to enter, the only condition is that you are a member here, and reply to the thread above with a suggestion.
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