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Thread: How long stick to a routine?

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    How long stick to a routine?

    After how many weeks/months do you guys switch to a different trainingscheme? I know the body can adept really good so I was thinking that after like maybe 12 weeks/3 months tops it'd better to change?

    I been following WBB1 for 8 weeks now and its basically all compound exercises but gains are still coming along so thats why Im still sticking with it.

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    jinxx I go by a few criteria when deciding to switch or change a routine. I generally take measurements and check them monthly. If I see that my gains are slowing or stopping I try to figure out why. Like is it because I am getting bored with the program and my intensity is slacking. Am I still enjoying the work outs? Is my body fully recovering i.e. am I overtraining, am I under training? Thatís what I go with. If I am bored I change because not only do I enjoy gains I also enjoy working out. If it's not fun for me it's time to change. If I am not growing any more and I am not bored and want to stick with the routine, it could be time to evaluate rep ranges and weight schemes. Another important thing to keep an eye on is am I still proportioned? Are some areas slacking? If so it may be time to change routines, or change what I do in that routine, to make sure I stay symmetrical. You could also start a journal to help you track progress. It is also a great way to get some help from the very knowledgeable people on this board. I have been helped EMINSLYother members here! Hope this helps man! Good luck.
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    If I'm not adding more weight/reps every week.
    If I'm not growing.
    If I'm getting bored.
    If I'm getting tired.

    Then I'll take a week off, rethink the routine and go back to it. If I've stagnated, I change it up.

    I've been doing WBB1 for almost 6 months now because I really enjoy it and I'm still making good gains from it. Now, I'm not strict to that routine, I've added/dropped things to make it more interesting or to target different areas.

    If you're still making progress and aren't bored with your routine, stick to it.

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