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Thread: Time to get serious, newbie needs help!

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    Time to get serious, newbie needs help!

    Hey guys. Just recently roamed onto the boards thanks to a search engine - got lucky. Everything looks very helpful here, and a lot of resources about different things. I've been looking for a place like this for a while. ANYWAYS - to my question.

    I am 16 - turning 17 in a few months. I am 6'2, around 220 lbs. My height stretches me out - so I don't have the appearance of being overweight at all (or at least not TOO much ). I've been lifting off and on for a little while now, about once or twice a week for anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour. I am now VERY interested in becoming devoted to weightlifting, as I have desired to 'tone' parts of my body for a while now.

    I am already pretty big if you couldn't tell - some say it looks like I work out a good amount, when I rarely do nowadays (once a month, or less even!). The look I would like is to be "chiseled" - have tone, and make it obvious that I do have muscle, am decently strong, instead of flat and regular! I am most concerned with my ARMS, and my upper chest slightly. My legs are already decently toned as I am a biker. I have shown interest in supplements, but I backed down due to fact I have enough energy running through my body (still a teenager), and I'm not too sure about anything. I've heard about AD-1, and was almost going to take it. Then I heard about NO2, and then saw some of the posts here about it - so I backed down again.

    This is where I need your help - I want to get serious about this now! I am willing to be devoted to this and do whatever as long as necessary! I am very confused on what to take or what kind of work outs to do. I am already big in width/size, but I want the tone. I have no idea really what even some of the exercises are called. I am most familiar with the bench, curling, having my arm bring up a single hand weight from my thighs, and putting a bar with weights behind my neck and rep up and down. If anyone would be generous enough to give me a plan to start with, like ideas of what to eat/drink, what supplements/vitamins to take, what exercises to do, or any comments AT ALL - that would be great! BTW, I will post pics tomorrow afternoon so have ideas of what I look like.

    Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. Also, I apologize if this in the wrong place.
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    Here is a picture I took after about a 45 minute to 1 hour workout with the exercises I listed about (curling, bench, etc). My curling bar is 50 pounds, doing about 10 - 20 reps. I would also put that behind my head and rep up and down about the same number of times. I also used 20 pound single hand weights that I would put it my hands and let them rest at my sides, then bring them up to my chest then back down again - switching off between my left and right arms. I KNOW I have potential - I just need your guidance. Also, about 10 - 20 mins before the workout, I blended some strawberry Spritutein with milk just for its protein value and gulped it down.
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    Okay.. Well you do have a good base.. but you really need to read some stickies and get a workout program together.. by the sunds of it you want to goto the gym every day and bench/curl.

    Here is a link to a good routine, read the whole thing( 5 pages i believe )

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    I'd suggest a few months of cutting (eat less food, a lot more cardio) to drop your BF% down, then consider bulking up. 220 at 6'2" is pretty heafty.

    Definately get a gym membership. There are a million reasons this is important.

    Devote at least 3 times a week to lifting - and hook up with a good workout split (as suggested by defcon - wannabebig routine). Make sure you have good form when doing the exercises. Just because you lift more - doesn't mean it is a good thing (if you are doing the excercise incorrectly).

    As far as SUPPs go - start out with a multivitamin and protien drink (see - Nitrean) twice a day (one right after you lift).



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