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Thread: help me bulk up my skinny waist

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    help me bulk up my skinny waist

    Ive a got a problem .Ive been lifting for 6 months, and put on just under 30 pounds which im happy with and kept my b/f low.Ive noticed my legs and upperbody have increased big time.But my waist liturally looks the same as when I started.Someone said ive got endomorph legs, mesomorph upper body , and ectomorph waist(he was joking by the way but thats what it looks like).I want to be solid overall as i want to start playing rugby.
    Im currently doing side raises, cable crunches and decline crunches.I dont know what else to do.I also do the compound lifts deadlifts and squats.Why cant I bulk my flippin waist, is it my genetics?

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    Good Mornings maybe? Personally I've never done them but they work the lower back hard I've read.

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    maybe your training waist not enough or to much

    their might be a problem in your routine, try heavy rack pulls once and a while, insteed of the deadlifts
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    Don't worry about your waist. A narrow waist will make everything else look bigger.

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    YOu'll be glad your not putting on too much waist weight as you continue to bulk.
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    Wow..someone complaing about a skinny waist. I hate you.


    Do squats and deads w/o a belt. Also, lift heavy on abs day...and the usual eat more.
    Burritos are the bomb for bulking!
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    this is funny... small wasite = a good thing.. but if you really wanna know how to get your waist bigger.. i suggest you go eat 10 000 cals a day :P You should see a nice waist in a few months

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    what do you need a big weist for?


    i play ice/roller hockey and i have a 29 waist. the size of the weist wont help you take the hits if thats what your worried about. keep working your core hard and you'll be fine.

    BTW if your going to start playing rugby work on plyometrics drills.

    good luck


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