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Thread: Upper Leg Routine

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    Upper Leg Routine

    I'm currently having good results with my leg routine but I'm wondering if they could be better. On leg day I hit my quads and hammies. Calves are on a different day. Here's the current routine:

    5-10 minutes on the stationary bike to warm the legs.

    Squats: 1 warm up set. 3 sets of 6
    Leg Ext: 3 sets of 8

    SLDL: 3 sets of 6
    Laying Curls: 3 sets of 8

    Like I said I've been getting great results with this routine but I'm wondering if adding another compound exercise would push me that much further. I definately want to keep the 4 exercises I've got. I only want to add if the general concensus feels it's not enough volume. And I do deads already but I've got them on back day. And that's where they're staying

    So what do you guys think. Thanks.
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    If you want to add something else, do walking lunges at the end. If you aren't fried by then, you need to add some weight.
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    I say keep it as it is, why mess with what's working. I found that once I lightened my leg load, my legs exploded in size. All I do are squats and SLDL's, I used to do Squats, extensions, sldls, leg press and hammy curls. So atleast for me, less sets helped ALOT.
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    warming up on a stationary bike aint enough man, do some other low weight squat sets

    and leg extensions are bad for ye old kneed, try front squats littke awkward in the beginning but you will love them once you get used to them
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    I'm with HY, walking lunges for life!! They will DESTROY your legs lol. I prefer dumbells, more fun. They work your glutes pretty hard, legs too, and grip if the dumbells are heavy. They also work your calves a bit too. You can expect assdoms for sure I'd say if you start them hehe.

    Do them at the end
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