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Thread: Gym war stories

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    Originally posted by JUSBU
    My gym is pretty hardcore. But I hate the grunters. Leave the grunting for the bedroom.

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    Gym PRs: Squat:635 Bench:560 Deadlift:495
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    hmm. i don't have any wierdos in my gym.
    there is this one guy, i am friends with him (but don't know his name); he was working out and all of the sudden i hear him screaming at the personal trainer. Everyone got quiet. I don't know what happened. He's hardcore and he's kewl with me. i don't know the whole story, but yeah that's as odd as it gets in my gym...

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    squat - 285 lbs (few times)

    goal to improve body along with strength with help of

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    At my gym at school thereís this one guy who used to fallow me around and do the same exercises as me when I went for a drink of water or something. He would hide away when I was using and just grab it when I had my back turned. He would never ask me what I was doing; just do the same work out.

    At home we have Donny. Donny is a character to say the least. From what my Dad tells me he was a giant back in the 80ís, but is getting older now. He has a bicked balled head and scares most of the people who donít know him. But when you get to know him he is a total goof ball. We tell all the new people he cross dresses at night, and that is why he shaves his head, so he can wear a wig easier.

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    theres this guy that comes in once in a while that we like to call "the flexor."

    EVERY SINGLE TIME he is there, after a set he starts flexing **** biceps and pecs in the freakin mirror, like he's posing in a competition. everyone is staring at him, most are laughing, but the dude keeps on going, completely oblivious.

    he has some size (6'0, 200lbs, 16% probably), but he DB benches 30 pounders. once I saw him finish a set of them and a guy waiting for the weights asks him how many more sets he has lift, to which he randomly replies... "you gotta lift the most weight you can possibly lift. to be strong is to lift strong, got it? I lift hard! that is my philosophy" the guy looks at him like he is crazy and walks off.

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    at my gym there arent really that many weirdos... only one time i saw this guy try do shoulder presses on the chinup bar by doing a handstand on it... was very weird.. lol

    and one time.. i was doing deadlifts (conventional )and this guy comes to tell me im doing them wrong... so i figured my form was bad or something.. he then proceeds to show me what to do.. and he does a straight-legged deadlift instead and then tells me... thats gonna straighten you out.. cause most guys work their chest and end up hunched forward.. and he just stood there waiting for me to do it.. i mean wtf? i jus walked to the water cooler and then when he left i went back to do my deadlifts
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    Ahahah, damn these are really some funny stories. Anyway at my school gym, after me and my friend were done doing DL's we walked over to the row machine.

    While their we look back and see two guys taking off the weights from the bar ( we left them on b/c shrug sets were going to happen a little later). This one guy takes one plate off and then displays pain by groaning and grabbing his lower back. lol

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    Originally posted by Bruise Brubaker
    I now have a new quote.

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    i live in a relatively small city and there is only a couple of gyms, ours being the most popular so understandably we have a lot of amusing characters

    we once had a grunter he thought he was the man because he won the local comp that year and omg i have never heard anything more annoying than someone who screams when they're working out, after a couple of days the manager posted signs on the walls "As courtousy to other members please refrain from gunting and screaming in the training room" or something like that

    another time there were some guys who thought it might be cool to break all the hooks in the mens room off the wall so there was no where to hang clothes and also rip all the shower heads off. Our manager posted a sign on the wall something like this:
    ATTENTION: to the d*ck heads who think its f*cking funny to vandalise my gym youd better f*cking watch out because when i find you, you're dead

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    the old dudes that lift wear these hot pants, its disgusting

    and yeah groaners piss me off too

    i dont mind breathing loudly, etc though

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    Man ....Sorry. I'll try not to make so much noise next time....yeesh
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