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Thread: Roast chicken thighs

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    Roast chicken thighs

    I am on a cutting diet to lose bf ( just a little) before bulking but have found some roast chicken thighs in the supermarket which contain the folllowing macronutrients.
    - 963 Kcals
    - 68 fat (21g saturated)
    - 80 g protein

    I take the skin off any way as im not a big fan

    Is this a large amount of fat and if so would it be best not to eat them. Its just that i find it hard to eat so much during the day with my work commitments. So was wondering one of these a day would be beneficial due to the amount of protein, But am concernd about the fat.
    Any ideas would be a great help.

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    The fat isn't really a huge concern. Just stick to your daily cals and you should be fine. Cutting off the skin will considerably drop the saturated fat content.

    How much do you weigh and how many cals are you going for in a day? 963 cals seems like an awful lot for one meal. Maybe you'll want to cut it in half and use it for 2 meals.

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    Yup, by taking that skin off you`ve removed at least half of that fat I`ll bet. Go for the thighs, good stuff !!! Cheaper than breast meat.

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    i like woman with breasts better than thighs
    oh wait
    chicken we're talkin about?
    its all the same- DEEP FRIED babay
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    Would you be eating that all in one sitting?

    963 cals seems like a lot to be eating at once if you're cutting.
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    Roast Chicken Thighs I have for breakfast every day

    But remove the skin for sure.
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