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Thread: Teenager Issues

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    Teenager Issues

    Well I'm ready.

    Ready to get commited to doing this... I've always danced around it, but now I'm ready.

    I'm about 6'2.5" 220-225lbs, and I want to be down around 195 and muscuar instead of my size.

    I'm not fat, not even chubby, just slightly big. However, I'm grossly out of shape. I'd estimate my body fat to be around 15-25% (I'm not sure).

    I wanted to know where to start. I don't have a lot of time or energy with my schedule, which is very demanding, and I think I use food as a crutch at times, and eliminating that should help.

    I need some info and maybe a starting point? What should I be eating? Exercising? I can't run outside right now because of asthma.

    Thanks so much in advance, and I'll keep you all posted.
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