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Thread: deadlifts on back day or leg day

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    deadlifts on back day or leg day

    Hey guys,
    what day should I be doing deadlifts? When I train back or on leg day? And which deadlifts should I be doing? Deadlifts, Stiff-legged, or Straight-legged???

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    You can do them on either day, or even on both days if you're feeling like a manly man.

    If you're going to do SLDLs, then do those on leg day, as they work the hamstrings more.

    Personally I prefer Conventional deads and I do them on back day.
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    I second the back day theory.

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    I as well prefer conventionals on back day and SLDL on leg day. Some like alternating deads and squats for leg day. To each their own.
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    I like doing all forms of DL on leg day. I also do any other lowerback movement on leg day, as lower back is involved in squatting and GHR.

    I prefer doing conventional deads, and rarely do straight legged (which are the same as stiff legged, i think)

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    I always had probems fitting in squats, deadlifts in the same routine and where the deads should go.

    If I did them on leg day one of them would suffer. Squats are just too physically demanding to do deadlifts on the same day. Back takes it out of me also and doing deads first left my lower back really weak for bar rows.

    I also had the same problem with shoudlers on my chest and tri's day. If I did them in the middle tri's would suffer. At the beginning and everything after would.

    So... I made a seperate day for shoulders/deads/traps. Works really well for me so I now have:

    Day 1 - Back/bi
    Day 2 - off
    Day 3 - deads/shoulders/traps
    Day 4 - off
    Day 5 - Chest/Tri's
    Day 6 - Legs
    Day 7 off

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    i suck it up and do deads and squats on the same day. i just make sure i have PLENTY of rest in between the two
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