I'm wondering what you guys think of a program that involves the major strength movements being performs in multiple sets of close to maximal singles, doubles, or triples, then a few sets of more bodybuilding type exercises with reps from 6-12. For example, here's a lowerbody day:

Squats - Work up to a submax double, do it for 3 or 4 sets
Goodmornings - same as squats
Leg press - 2x8-10 reps close to failure
Leg curls - same as leg press

The singles, doubles, and triples would serve to increase strength and provide myofibrillar hypertrophy and hypertrophy of the contractile protiens.

The high rep sets would be for sacroplasmic hypertrophy, with no specific performance-type goals.

Bodybuilding flexing routines would be done daily or every couple of days for a tense appearance.

Would this be a good way to train for hypertrophy, a 'dense' look, and overall strength(powerlifting type strength)?

If not, what would be a more effective routine?