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Thread: Eating clean?!? Can you critique?

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    Eating clean?!? Can you critique?

    I've been reading these forums for a while, and everyone keeps saying that you have to eat clean in order to lose weight. I just wanted to know what constitutes eating clean? Or maybe someone can tell me what is eating dirty?

    Considering I eliminate obvious pitfalls like high simple carb foods like sugary drinks (never drink it anyway), what does the rest consist of?

    My stats are: 5'11", 179lbs, 17%bf, 23 years old
    My diet is usually:

    7:30 : Kashi go lean cereal (high fiber cereal, no sugar), 1 cup milk

    10:30 : 2 egg yolks, 4 eggwhites omelette with 3 strips of bacon that have the fat cut off, and only meat and trace fat left. I also continuously drain any melted fat while panfrying. Also have 2 slices of WW bread.

    12:30 : 2 90% lean sirloin beef patties with 2 slices WW bread, sometimes veggies are thrown in or I'll have chicken or fish instead

    2:00pm : lettuce and baby carrots raw to snack on, or a banana

    6:00pm : <gym>

    7:00pm: GNC 100% Protein shake, 2 scoops 40g protein

    8:00pm: 1 serving chicken/fish/lamb and some veggies stirfried with some spices and soya sauce, little canola oil used.

    10:00pm: Small serving of cottage cheese or nuts + multivitamin + fish oil cap.

    I snack on pecans/almonds or peanuts if I get the munchies.

    I'm wondering if this is a cutting diet or a bulking diet...I seem to be eating more food than ever in my life, but what defines a cutting or bulking? Is it just the calories above or below maintenance or the quality/quantity of food?

    Should I be eating something that will benefit cutting but not bulking etc...I'm really confused about it.

    I work out 5 days a week Mon-Fri 2 days cardio, different body part each day, heavy lifting. My pulse is usually racing from lifting, and I'm sweating before even hitting the cardio.

    Appreciate your help. I'm trying to get lean and muscular and am planning on going on a cutting diet for a month or 2 before moving to a bulking. I've had a belly and "love handles" all my life, but dont look fat in clothes. Help me get lean... .I'll do anything!!!
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