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Thread: i'm not sure when to stop using negatives on my dips

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    i'm not sure when to stop using negatives on my dips

    i dug up some threads that basically stated that you should limit the use of negatives...but again, like so many other things there's this grey area of opinions rather than the straight black or white answer that i was looking for. so i guess here's my case... i've been doing wbb1 where a weak rotator cuff won't allow me to go as heavy as possible on my presses for on my last set for weighted dips i figured i'd do a set of negatives to completely kill my chest.

    weighted dips:

    2 sets
    1 set (negatives - using same weight as first 2 sets)

    i've always seen people at my gym doing the negatives last rather than i might try the reverse next time.

    anyway, when should i stop?? i've been at it (negatives) for three weeks..i've been able to add 2.5lbs each week on my dips & i fiigured i'd do one last session using 'em...then go back to normal. but then again, i honestly dont know what to do. help would be great. thanks.

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    Can you do any type of chest flyes? That might be an alternative to dips for finshing off your chest. I don't do negatives very often. They are one of those type movements like super sets or drop sets, to kind of give that extra bit of flavor to a work out.

    If you are doing weighted dips, then at this point I don't really think you need to keep up the negatives. If you are looking for a way to finish off the chest, then I would suggest dips super setted with flat or incline flyes (which ever doesn't bother your shoulders as much).
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