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Thread: Home Gym?

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    Home Gym?

    If any of you guys were in the market for a home gym/weights, and had about a grand to spend, what would you go with?

    I've been using a friends Powerblocks, unfortunately he is about to take them back. I've been batting around the idea of a home gym. Suggestions?


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    Get yourself a good power rack, bench, and an Oly set to start. I've also got a pulley on my rack, adjustable dbs, leg attachment for my bench and a dip station.

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    Power rack, oly set with extra plates, incline/flat bench. That is great for a start. Then start adding in some DBs, EZ curl oly bar, trap bar (i love mine!).

    I do not have any pulleys at all. You really dont need them unless you cannot do pullups at all.

    But then again maybe you want to do some cable kickbacks and top range cable crossovers...i dunno.


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