All -

I've got a few quick questions on Keto and specifically the differences between Keto and the
"Atkins-style" approach (which I suppose Atkins is essentiall just a keto diet anyway).

- Atkins has the 2 week "induction" phase where your carbs are extremely low (20g or less) and the
diet is essentially "stricter." For example, during Atkins induction I couldn't enjoy a single serving of
the new Breyers Low Carb ice cream (which is great, BTW). From my research on straight Keto, I
don't see anything about being stricter during different phases, and as long as the carb count is kept
low it doesn't matter where it comes from.

- Atkins doesn't mention anything about sugar alcohols effecting some folks as a carb would, yet I've
read a lot about around here. How do the Atkins folks lose all that weight while living off his
bars/etc that are full of sugar alcohols?

- same for citric acid (in diet soda, etc).

- why does Atkins say to stay completely clear of caffiene?