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Thread: Everyones current weight and goals

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    Originally posted by Brawl
    Havent been to the gym in about 6 weeks.
    Best way to cheat on deadlifts...

    Stand there for a few minutes, then pace back and forth a lot, huff and puff, wait until everybody's looking. Approach the bar. Back off. Approach it again. Back off. Get some water. Chalk up. Approach the bar again. Then spray some more chalk around. Wait until people start losing interest. When nobody's looking, pick it a little off the floor, and slam it down. Jump up and yell "LIGHT WEIGHT BABY". Then give high fives all around. - Belial

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    Originally posted by Brawl
    I noticed when I'm in shape the pelt is easier to come by
    All about the pelt baby, YEAH
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    Los Angeles, CA
    I am 27.

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    Under your bed
    5'11" at 185lbs and I have low bodyfat.

    I'd like to get back to about 205lbs with the same bodyfat percentage, but I seem to be dropping weight for some reason.

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    25 years old
    160lbs 5ft11inches
    BF 9.9%

    Goals 185lbs by next august
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    186 @ 15% right now. Would like to be 190 @ 8% by next summer.

    Stats: Age: 34 Weight: 205 Height: 5'6"
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    about 225lbs at 16% bf

    Goal 225lbs at 8% bf

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    Originally posted by Sug
    5ft 8" 152 with I think 12-13% body fat
    Goal: A whole lot taller, 205lbs with 10% body fat.

    I have a question, how old are you harryhoudini66 and Maki Riddington? Thats about 3~4 inches of height you guys need to grow. Im only 17 and I hope I can grow a couple of more inches.
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    Currently bulking 5'8" 183 at 17% and aiming to get to 190-200.

    Short term goals are to get <10% 180-190. Long term, as heavy as I can get at 10%. Over 200 would be great.

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    Currently 5'10 at 220 give or take, with some abs.

    By the end of March I'd like to be 240 with some abs and a little money left in my wallet.
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    Currently 6' 199 around 12%. Short term is 220 around 14%. Long term is as big and lean as humanly possible (for me).
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    currently: 5'9" at 145 lbs and 10% bf ( so skinny lol)

    goal: 5'9" at 160 and 10% bf


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    I'm 6'0" at 159 - 162 lbs. Probably 10 - 15% bf, but I'm not sure. I'm a skinny dude.

    By April 17 I want to be a stable 170. Then I might keep bulking or go on my first cutting cycle.

    Long term I'd like to weigh 185 at < 10% bf. But that would take A LOT of work.

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    Goals eh? I haven't got them set in stone yet. I want to grow that extra 1/2 inche so I can say I'm 6'. I also want to either hit 200lbs by april or to to cut down a little bit. I've gained too much weight this semister and I haven't hit the iron regularly either. Feeling guilty about it actually. I went up 10lbs to 177lbs now at ~20% bf. I want to get rid of these little man boobies I'm starting to get.
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    225 pounds

    Goal is to total USAPL Elite as a 220 or 242 by the time I'm 40
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    Current 5'7" at 176 approx. 10-11% bf.

    Short term goal to hit 185 while keeping bf in check.

    200 @ sub 10% would rule!

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    27, 5'10

    Currently 186 ~8.5% bf
    Goal: March, 04 200 ~9% bf

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    A bf of 10% and I'd be happy.

    D 435 / S 340 / B 305


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    Originally posted by Brawl
    Currently 5'9" 225 lbs,36 years old, a little fat about 34 in waist . Havent been to the gym in about 6 weeks .

    Soon to be back so look out . Hopefully to be about 215 lbs with some abs . I noticed when I'm in shape the pelt is easier to come by since 'm not a brad pitt looking dude like that cracka BamBam .
    you need to watch who you are calling cracka pale face ! dont make me come up that way and steal a sista from you

    oh and i am not looking like brad pitt damnit i way 200 lbs
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    Post whoring is good.

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    Marion, IA
    Oh, and I'm 5'8" and 145 lbs currently.

    I'd like to get to 180 @ 10% in the next couple of years.

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    I am 6'0" and 184lb. Skin calliper formulas report an average of under 4% BF. My actual BF is probably significantly higher since skin calliper formulas usually underestimate BF in leaner persons and athletes. I am satisfied with my weight and body composition. My goals involve improving my lifts and cardio sessions.

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    ROFL...23yrs old
    6'2" 232 lbs 18.2%bf 33"w

    goal 265 sub 10% don't care how long. just wanna get there.
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    Current- 5'10" 227lbs. 40" Gut

    Goal- 5'10" 215-220lbs. 10%BF By summer

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    Current: Height-5'10.5" That .5" is very important to me . Weight-197. BF%-I don't know, low teens maybe.

    Goals: Depends on if I decide to box or not. If I box I'd like to be 190 @ 10%BF. If I don't box I'd be happy with 220ish @ same bodyfat as now.
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