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Thread: Sets For Walking Lunges

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    Sets For Walking Lunges

    I've never done walking lunges but I'm hearing all kinds of good things about them. How do you count your reps?? Do you consider one step with both legs one rep and do a certain number. Or do you have a certain distance at your gym/home that you walk and count as a set. Thanks.
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    I do a width of my garden which is 20 reps, 10 steps on each leg.

    Every 4 weeks or so i'll shake things up and do two widths which amounts to 40 reps
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    If I do them at the gym I usually walk from the front doors to the entrance to the basketball court. At work I walk the width of the apparatus garage. (10 steps per leg either way) After resting a few minutes I try to make it back to my starting point If I make it all the way back I know it's time to move up to the next size DBs for my next workout.

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    For regular lunges I "try" to do at least 12 reps, which is 6 reps per leg.

    For walking lunges I go outside and walk across the yard, and that comes to 14 reps, 7 per leg.

    I would just keep the reps high, most people do it seems. Also if you do say 20 reps you are really only doing 10 per leg, this might be why people do them like this. You will get major assdoms after you do them, enjoy


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