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Thread: 50 year old workout

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    50 year old workout

    My dad wants to get into working out, more or less to tone up and be healthy, I was wondering what are some suggestions or advice anyone might have about how to start him off, thx.
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    Pretty much the same as anyone else.

    Take it slow, learn proper form, etc.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I`m 43, I dont do anything different than the rest of you guys. I`m not a bodybuilder, just an old guy tryin to stay healthy. I do a lot of heavy compound lifts.

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    My dad is 57 and hits the gym 3-4 day a week and mountian bikes 5 days a week. In your dads case learning proper form and learning his body should be the first thing to do. Then work on compound exercises and cardio. The only limiting factor is the brain.

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    See his doctor to determine if he has any underlying pathology. If cleared, start him off slow on a very abbreviated routine which stops each set well short of failure.

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