Well football season is over, we lost a heart breaker in overtime 41-42

but on the bright side I get to start doing something I havent been able to do since august. LIFT SOME HEAVY WEIGHT!!!!!

yeah we lift during the season but nothing as intense as i like, if I cant o hard in the weightroom there is no point in me going, kinda the same mentality i have when i play football.

ive been thinking about my off season workout and i believe i have finally put together an insane routine to get me super powerful and solid

have figured out exact rep schemes yet but im pretty sure it will look something like this

leg day1
good mornings(ME)
sumo deads(heavy)
calf work

upper body day1
board press(heavy)
military press(heavy)
dumbell shoulder press(repetition)
tricep extensions of some sort (repetition)

legs day 2
speed squats 12x2
Deadlifts (ME)
box squats( 8x3)
power cleans
SLDL (repetition)
Front Squats (repetition)
calf work

upperbody day 2
dynamic bench 9x3
barbell rows (heavy)
dumbell rows (repetition)
dumbell bench (repetition)
incline dumbell bench(reps)
tricep extensions

its going to be on the lines of that when i start lifitng ill post a journal so yall can check it out.

man im excited!