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Thread: Women and Size

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    and i mean look at that other thread with the guy with the anorexic girlfriend, and how he wasn't so happy with her now that she'd gained weight, and how the majority of boys who posted reacted.
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    Several points:

    1. The vast majority of these "women's magazines," if not all of them, are run and edited by women.

    2. Thin women being the "ideal" is a very Western phenomenon. In most parts of the world, the "ideal" woman has "meat on her bones."

    3. The waif/heroin-chic look is a reflection of anti-feminist attitudes where women should not be strong and healthy, but weak, frail, and helpless, needing rescue and protection.

    4. Most men prefer slender, but not skinny women. They also prefer women with "symmetry" and a waist-hip raitio of about .7 (I think it was).

    5. Many women dress up, use makeup, diet, etc. for other women, not for men.
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