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Thread: routine??

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    Can any one help me with setting up a routine?

    I have the basic wbb routine 1. But that seems so fast I am done most of the time in like 30 mins and dont seem to be working all that hard.

    Just some more exercises that I could do would be helpful.

    I mostly want to work on biceps, legs, triceps and chest big time as those are my weakest areas.

    I am pretty strong already in shoulders and back.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    start a journal bro, then it would be easier to answer your question.

    start by posting how long you been lifting, how long you been doing wbb1, what you eat, what supps you take, stuff like that....good luck man
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    I would just follow wbb1, maybe add some sets if you think its to light of a work load. If you are just starting out - concentrate on form and leave the ego at the door. Once you get into the swing of things then kick up the intensity to the max. Form is always something you want to think about, but once you get familiar with the movements make sure you are pushing yourself to the edge. Once you get bored of wbb1 try wbb2.

    Oh and you mentioned in another thread that you were going to lift every other day and do some cardio on the non lifting days, if this is correct, i would think you could take a rest day or two and totally take the day(s) off. Of course depending on what your goals are, cardio can be done on lifting days without effecting strength gains.

    Starting a journal is a good idea. If you dont start one, at least read through some of them. You can pull many ideas from this section of wbb.
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    I am going to start a journal as soon as I have some meaningful stuff to put in there.

    THanks for all of your help with everything and your advice.

    I appreciate it

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    You should read more journals; meaningful stuff is HARDLY a prerequisite.


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