at an end . Tuesday and wednesday will be my last days dealing with some b*llsh*t bar fight that these other idiots started and me and a couple of my buddies put the hurt on them .

My one buddy got 3 to 7 years ( can you believe that ) for his part . Hes almost out for good behavior already and the civil end isnt quite over .

Im just sick of dealing with it . Now seeing him sue the bar for 1.2 million irritates me to no end .

Him and his buds are young local wanna be tough guys and started crap with my buds and me . The end result was the one young dude with memory loss (so they say) and a coma for a couple days . Those punks had broken bottles trying to hit us with them and the other guy had one of those ghetto rings on that covers three fingers like brass knuckles . We didnt get a scratch and they were all hospitalized . Because we won we are the bad guys . Oh well , maybe we learned a lesson .

The funny thing is they are good size guys like 200 to 230 lbs . Now with the trial here again they all lost weight and are down to about 175 180 to look like the victims hahahahahaha bastards . At least no charges stuck on me .