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Thread: Free Personal Training Session ..

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    Free Personal Training Session ..

    So I finally decided it was worthless to go without a spotter on bench days and went down the road to Gold's Gym. The guy that signed me up was pretty cool, but at the end he said I got a free training session that most people use. I just said I'd hold off on it for a little, and he was fine with it and all. The gym was nice with a good mix of people of all abilities. So anyways, I finish my workout, get my wallet and keys and say thanks and such...

    But then the personal trainer came over and was like "done already" (after I took about 50 minutes) asked if I had signed up for a personal training session yet. I told him I wouldn't bother him with it and I'd give him a chance to relax and such....and eventually he pressed hard enough for me to take my session on Thursday, which is a fairly big day for me (cleans, rows, curls, SLDL and front squats)... Now, I have to admit, the guy is pretty big. He's probably 5'8 and 230 lbs or so, and I'm only around 200. I didn't really feel like being an asshole and I didn't feel like telling him that I don't want him to mess up my workout on Thursday, but now I'm kind of stuck. I also feel like there should be another sentence to tie this up here, but there's not and that's all. Hmm..just a dumb rant.

    Oh, I also think that the floor on the weightlifting side was not carpeted or anything. Are they going to be alright with me doing power cleans/deadlifts and such?
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    why not just call and cancel and say you'll make arrangements for it at a later date.

    as for doing the exercises you want, unless it's a big safely hazard, i'd just do them. if they don't want you to, they'll come over and ask you to stop.

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    Like chops said, just call and cancel it. Tell them you appreciate it but its just not needed.

    As long as the floor isn't wood, I don't see it being a problem if you don't just drop the weight from racked position (if doing power cleans). Most places don't mind. The Gold's I go to don't like for us to drop the weight but I've never had anybody say anything to be while deadlifting.
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    Hell man it's one workout, what would it hurt to see what the guy has to say. You never know, he may be all about compound lifts once you get to talking with him. Also it never hurts to make friends with a trainer in a gym. That way if you start to have trouble with other members you can usally talk to the trainer, who will then relay it to the manger and things get done.

    Also be up front with him about what you beleive and how you just want this to be a one time thing. Make sure he knows this up front!!!

    Most trainer I've come in contact with seem like complete dicks from a distance, but once you get to know them and they realise you know you sh*t there pretty cool guys.

    Just my opinion though.

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    If the trainer came off as being one of those "pushy" kind of people, the ones who like imposing their will on you then cancel. I get the feeling from your post that he came across this way.

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    Hey if it's free why not? He's got about 85 pounds on me, so I'd probably get something out of it. If nothing else, a spotter.

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    My gym offers a free training session every month. I've been going there for a year and have never once used it.
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    I hate those pushy gym membership signeruppers with a passion.

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    3,025 worked out pretty well.

    I called up, asked to talk to the trainer, and it turned out that he wasn't going to be there today because it snowed.


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