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Thread: violence and soccer

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    violence and soccer

    damit this world is getting too violent!!!
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    "The whole jedi thing was just not compatible with my lifestyle. My master was jelous he was always holding me back, -"be mindfull of the future, but live in the present"- what the hell does that mean? I even got my arm cut just sucked. So i switched to the dark side and i havent looked back once...Now i am shooting lightning from my fingertips, choking people over the phone, i even get to wear a cape.....its just boss. My name is Anikin skywalker and i am a sith lord."

    "i have the sex drive of 10 rabbits on viagra"

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    other: dips 3 and a quarter plates for 4 reps

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    Mystic Eric
    i believe that's what is called the "BMFWO" kick down.

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    I really hate it when my nuts get hurt. I would never hit a girl ever, except in one situation: If some girl started squeezing my nuts than I would slug her right in the face. No one ******* messes with my balls, they are too delecate. I swear if a guy intentionally kicked me in the sack I would beat the ******* **** out of him. We laguh at it sometimes because it is funny to see it happen to others, but man I hate it when my balls get hurt

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    sad thing is that he looks like he is enjoying it.

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    I havealways wondered why it hurtsso much when you get hit in the balls? Makes no sense.


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