found this website by accident and im really glad that i did. ive been reading a lot from the archives ..

a bit about me: ive been working out for 2-3 years but havent gained any mass - i have gained strength though (not too much) im 5'9, 145 lbs and can bp 185 lbs. so thats pretty ordinary.

most of my focus during the last three years has been to not get fat .. i gain weight in my tummy, face very easily - ive been training for marathons (recently ran the chicago '03) which has kept my weight down. ive been doing abwork too and have some definition down there.

however, i want to gain some serious muscle and trust me ive tried everything: creatine, protein bars, shakes, ive read magazines but i just cant gain mass at all. i dont have good genes so i know i need to work really really hard, but how hard? i have no clue what to do ..

if i eat a lot, i gain weight in the wrong areas .. if i dont eat, i stay skinny. anybody with any suggestions on how to get started? maybe i should have sessions with a personal trainer?