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Thread: Shin splints

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    Shin splints

    I have had shin splints for quite some time now. I just recently went to the doctor. He wants me to take these pills for 3 weeks and not do any leg work at all. No cardio or weight training.

    I can do upper body stuff but no lower. My normal routine is

    Chest and Back


    Arms and Shoulders

    What can I do for Thurs. since I can't do any leg work for 3 weeks?

    I have bought good running shoes. I have always stretched well before exercising and these things have never helped. The doctor said if this does not work he will send me to an orthapedic.

    I have also tried jogging through the pain thinking I could tough it out and it just gets worse.
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    My thought would be to split Mondays workout. Do chest on Mon., Back on Thurs.

    And what pills did the Doc give you? Just curious, I suffer from shin splints, too.
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    The name of the medicine is Naporsyn.

    That sounds like a good idea. I will try that.

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    What are shin splints exactly? I think I might have them so I would like to know what they actually are before I would go in to get them checked out.
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    i read a runners forum once on shin splints and they offered some pretty good ideas on simple ways to cure them. The best one was taking an old inner tube from a bicycle tire or a bungee cord. Then tie one end around your foot and hold your leg out in front of you. Put tension on the innertube/bungee and rotate your foot in a clockwise direction for a few mintues, then a counter clockwise. This exercise is siad to strenthen the dense rarely used muscle fibers around the shin area and help ward off shin splints. I dont know if this works, I hope I never have to find out.
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    A lot of the time it is actually anterior compartment syndrome (very mild cases of course) where the anterior muscles just swell and have nowhere to go, which causes the pain. Thus, not using those muscles as much allows them to return to normal.
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