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Thread: Everyones day schedual

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    Everyones day schedual

    Im just curiouse to see everyones day schedual and when they find time to goto the gym. Mines crazy as hell

    6:00 Wake up
    6:30 Eat
    7:00 head to school
    2:05 School ends
    2:20 Baseball begins
    6:00 baseball ends
    7:00 I reach the gym from school
    8:00- 8:30 finish my workout
    9:00 pitching lessons on Tues and Thurs
    9:00 usually go home take a shower and eat
    10:00 goto bed

    Oct thru March I had spanish Monday and Wednesday from 6-8 Those das were brutal

    Monday thru friday same thing everyday.
    Saturday is even worse
    Baseball :8-11
    Work 1-10

    Sunday : off

    Sundays are my favorite days.
    Anyone elses schedual as hectice as this ?

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    I prefer to work out in the morning. I find that it boosts my energy levels the rest of the day. This is, coming from someone who worked the night shift for 8 years, so I've had a hella time adjusting to a regular schedule.

    I make it a priority to get at least 7 hours of sleep each day. 8 is good and 9 is even better. This Monday/Tuesday was brutal and doesn't normally happen if I can help it.

    On days when I lift, it goes something like this:

    6 am: up
    7: in the gym, out by 8:15.
    8:25: home. (I live one block from the gym.)
    9:30: in the office.

    when I leave the office varies depending on my workload. usually out by 6 pm.

    in bed by 9 or 10.

    On days I don't lift, I end up waking at 8.

    Friday nights, I stay up till midnight or so. Saturdays I tend to sleep in late.

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    This is my monday-friday routine:

    9:30am - Wake up, Shave, take vitamins, eat breakfast
    10am - Go to work
    7pm - Leave work, go to gym
    8:30pm - Get home from gym, eat dinner, waste time on the internet and playing video games.
    1am-ish - Go to sleep.
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    Allen, Tx
    03:35 wake up
    04:00 at the gym
    05:45 leave the gym
    06:00 shower
    06:30 eat
    06:45 feed daughter and put her back to sleep (rough est. on timing)
    07:00 wake son and cook his breakfast
    07:05 wake wife
    07:45 leave to drop off son at school
    08:30 - 17:30 work
    18:00 pic up son and daughter
    18:30 cook and feed daughter
    18:45 cook and feed son
    19:00 wife gets home
    19:05ish Cook supper for wife and myself
    19:30ish, bath daughter
    19:45 bath son
    20:30 put daughter in bed
    21:00 put son in bed

    Around 22:00 - 24:00 I go to bed.

    Just about the same timing every night unless my son has soccer. Then everything after 1730 is moved back by 30 minutes.
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    i will post next week after finals are over

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    I wannabebig!
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    in my own world
    4:00 wake up
    5:00 gym
    6:30 physical training
    9:00 actual workday
    10:00 usually 5 but whatever time they let us off...
    5:00 cardio
    6:00 prepare stuff for the next day
    7:00 relax...
    8:00 sleep

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    I'll just post my busiest days, which are Monday's and Wednesday's

    7am- Wake Up
    8am- At School
    10am- Workout
    1:30pm- Flexibility and cooridination training
    3:30pm- Track
    6pm- Speed and Explosion Training
    8pm- shower
    11pm- Sleep

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    Damn Grumpy, only 4 hours of sleep?

    No wonder you're grumpy.
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    6:15am wake up, drink preworkout shake while prepping meals for the day
    7:15am workout
    8:30a, shower and get dressed
    9:00am breakfast
    9:30am go to work
    9:30pm come back from work
    10:00pm dinner and watch some tv
    11:30pm sleep
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    I wannabebig!
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    in my own world
    we are all like friggin robots

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    Suwanee, GA
    5:30am - wake up, get dressed, make breakfast, eat, wash up
    6:30 - head out the door for school
    7:00 - 2:05pm - school
    2:30 - eat
    3:30 - work out
    4:30 - shower
    5:30 - make dinner
    6:30-8:45 - study/hmwk/read/projects/etc al
    8:45-9:00 - make lunch for the next day, meal #6 or 7 depending on what day it is
    9:00 - 10:30 - misc stuff, relax, talk to ppl, wash up
    11:00-5:30 - sleep

    differs on some days
    ~2:15~4:00 - clubs // volunteering
    ~4:15 - eat.
    5:00 - work out
    5:50 - shower
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    skinny white boy
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    7:00am - alarm goes off, hit snooze about 6 times until
    8:00am - get out of bed
    8:00am-8:15am - shower, brush teeth
    8:15am-8:30am, get dressed, eat, get ready, etc
    9:00am-5:00pm - work
    5:30pm - Get home, work on whatever I have to work on till about
    7:00pm - pick up gf
    7:00pm-10:00pm - do whatever with girl
    10:00 till sleep - post messages online and work on whatever I have to work on

    Finally started lifting again this week. Will probably fit that in before work 2x a week.

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    wow, you guys are intense with your "schedules" and stuff. its reading period right now, so no classes, no finals, just studying/paperwriting. consequently,
    11ish get up
    11:45ish eat
    12:30 stop eating
    5:45 eat
    6:30 stop eating
    11 get hungry, realize there isn't any food
    2-3 go to bed
    everything else is a battle between studying, halo, and gym time.

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    Damn thought i was a pretty good husband and father until i read

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    At first i was jealous because my schedule is different everyday and i really cant plan my daily life... then i was thinking... im lucky that im able just to go with the flow and whatever happens happens

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    6:30- Wake up, shower
    6:50- Breakfast
    7:30- Leave for School
    8:00- School Starts
    9:35- Break/Meal 2
    11:30- Lunch/Meal 3
    3:10- Get out of School/Meal 4
    3:30- Gym
    5:00- Home
    5:30- Dinner/ Meal 5
    7:00- Meal 6
    8-9- Homework, etc.
    9-10:30- Chat online
    11- Meal 7
    11:30- Sleep
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    7.00am wake up
    7.50 go to work
    8.30 drink 2 pints of skimmed milk (yes that is breakfast)
    1.00 eat my luch
    5.00 finish work
    6.00 go to gym
    7.30 - 8.00 get home
    8.00 - 11.00 eat and then chill
    11.00 sleep

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    8:00 Wake Up
    8:20 Eat Breakfast/Read the news, at the breakfast table
    9:00 Start work, still at the breakfast table
    11:00 Have an MRP
    2:30 lunch
    5:00 protein shake
    5:30-6:30 finish work at the breakfast table
    7:30 dinner, in the living room in front of the tv, just for some variety
    8:00 pm GET OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE and go to gym.
    11:30 bed
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    800: wake up. Have breakfast and get ready for work

    9:00 Leave house and walk to school. About a twenty minute walk

    9:20 Prep class plans

    10:00-12:10 teach KG classes

    12:10-2:00 lunch break

    2:00-7:00 teach elementary classes or prep for next class

    7:30 go home and eat dinner

    9:00 go to gym

    10:00 head home

    10-12:00 Free time- listen to music, go on the Internet, watch TV OR

    work time- mark reports, tests, essays....etc.

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    Here's a rough idea of my timetable. It's slightly different each day.

    11am - Get up, check emails etc....
    11:15am - Breakfast. Usually eggs or beans on toast.
    11:35am - Shower/wash/shave
    11:45am - Mess around on the internet for a while
    12:30pm - Go and buy the paper
    1:00pm - Plan my bets for the day
    2:00pm - Go to the bookies to watch racing and gamble
    5:00pm - Get home from bookies, cook some dinner, have a protein shake
    6:00pm - Go to the gym
    7:30pm Shower
    8:00pm - Watch TV, mess around on the net or go out to a club with my mates
    2-3am - Go to bed

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    nice nice

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    here was my schedule when at work

    wake up 515
    515-530 shower
    545 leave for word
    645-7 meal 1
    7-10 work
    10-11 lunch
    11-2 work
    2-215 meal 3
    215-4 work
    4-430 drive home
    445 go to club
    6pm home eat dinner
    630-9 or so online then sleep

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    Yo Brian, why is my team locked?

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    extreme anobolic your a kindergarden teaCHER ?


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