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Thread: nagging left groin pain...

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    nagging left groin pain...

    i checked myself for an inguinal hernia and i don't feel one (i can do that as i am a healthcare provider in internal medicine). that said, i have had this nagging left groin pain for awhile.

    my thinking is that i have switched to taking a lot more protein (and i have been constipated) or i am simply just over-training at 6 days/week. i usually do the eliptical for cardio.

    has anyone here ever experienced nagging groin pain from lifting/doing cardio too much?

    ...yes, i should know to take better care of myself as a healthcare provider but it seems we tend to take better care of our patients than we do ourselves!!! i tend to push myself to the extreme because that is just my personality.

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    A few years ago I had bursitis where the quads insert near the inguinal ligament. I also considered an inguinal hernia, and I even went so far to get an Xray of the pelvis to make sure I didn't have some lytic lesion (negative for both). I got the bursitis from running too much. Each day I ran, the pain would go away after I had run about a half mile. By that night the pain was returning, and it bothered me constantly until I finally quit running.

    Last year I had a high school football player referred to me for a 2nd opinion regarding the same. He and his parents didn't like my advice that the bursitis was going to continue until he cooled it for up to six weeks.

    This is all assuming your pain is at the midline of the thigh. If it's medial, the same can occur with the adductors. Beside bursitis at either location, it's also possible to have a chronic muscle strain/tear of either the quads or adductors.

    My $.02


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