Weight- 158.1

1st- 529....2 reds. I destroyed it and I got called for depth by one side judge and the friggin front judge!! Who can judge depth on a wide squatter from the front??? You should have seen the look on eric's face, lol. I thought he was going to kill somebody.
2nd- 551...Good(76 lb meet PR). Eric made me take this soo deep that my back was practically parallel to the ground because I couldn't keep my arch anymore...fought it up, but it was ugly.
3rd- 589... miss. We tightened everything up. I went out and headbutted the bar(gave me a nice lump). I tried to crack the weight, but was set up too far in front of the bar. I tried to reposition my feet but when I took it out I was off balance. I went down like 2" and started to lose it so I had them take it. Oh well.

1st- 281...joke(36 lb full meet PR/31 lb meet PR)
2nd- 303...cake(58 lb full meet PR/ 53 lb meet PR)
3rd- 330... suprisingly easy. Very fast(85 lb full meet PR/80 lb meet PR). Pete pulled and adjusted the shirt on the last one. I kept my arch way the fuk up and this one was easy. 350+ easy in my next meet.

1st- 435...smoked
2nd- 485...little slow but pulled through it strong.(35 lb full meet PR/5 lb meet PR)
3rd- 523... only got it to just below the knees. I was soo shot when we got to deads, but after I had the PR, eric just said throw the canvas on and called for 523 to go for 1400 total. Not quite there yet, lol.

Total- 1366(196 lb meet PR from just 13 weeks ago). This meet was by far my best meet ever. It was an amazing thing to see the whole team just kick ass. I don't think we had one lifter that didn't hit at least 1 PR, but I actually think all 11 of us hit multiple PR's!

I just want to take this time to thank all of Team Taylor for their support and just putting their hearts into this weekend. Everyone should be proud of what we accomplished and this should catapult those who are going to the Seniors into another great training cycle.

Also, just a few other quick notes. Congrats Petey C on getting a damn total. It's about time. Now you have some numbers to try and break.

Vinny C- what can I say man, you whooped my ass, lol. Can't really beat 9 for 9. But technically speaking my increase from 1170 to 1366 is higher than your increase from 1320 to 1505. Not that anybody's counting, lol. Welcome to the 165's biatch. I'll be in the open class from now on and we will battle it out soon enough.

And Mr. Adolf. Thank you again my friend. We are all going to say it over and over and over. This team would be a mess without you. Your name is called out during a given training day or during warmups a ridiculous amount of times and you can always answer our questions with the right answer and lend your hand or eye in any way possible. Thanks for showing us the support that you do and I can't wait to help you out when you come out of retirement.