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Thread: Best way to warm up/stretch shoulders after a rotator cuff injury

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    Best way to warm up/stretch shoulders after a rotator cuff injury

    It's been like 2 weeks of no training now (yeah it was hard) and I think I'm gonna start next Monday again as I hardly feel my shoulder anymore so I think it's more or less healed. Anyways, I read lots about rotator cuff injuries so for the first few weeks I'm gonna start with really light weights, not gonna do any chins, start doing bench press with dumbbells and start doing rotator cuff exercises once a week. I also read that doing stretches before and after your workout would really help prevent from a new rotator cuff injury so I was wondering if there were any people who had the same problem and what kind of stretching (and other stuff) they do to prevent injuring your rotator cuff again?

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    Stretching when cold, BAD! Progressive warmup, ROM exercises, GOOD!

    I never stretch before exercises, but often during or after them. In any case, you should warmup your shoulders, not stretch them. For me, this includes benching with the bar, military pressing with the bar, shoulder rotations with light plates, and pullups. Then, I do sets at around 40-50% of working weight, and build up from there.

    I'm pretty religious about this, since I had a bad case of bursitis, and it's stayed pretty healthy and strong.


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