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Thread: is it possible to determine how trim your waist should be?

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    is it possible to determine how trim your waist should be?

    i'm 5' 11", 185lb, 22% BF, and carry my fat around the waist like most people, with a 37" inch waist (measured at the navel, with semi-loose tape). i was shocked at this measurement, because while i have some love handles, they are not very big at all. however, when i measure the waist a little lower, at about the hips, my measurement is 36", only an inch smaller. does this mean that my bone structure is such that i have a naturally large (but not fat) waist?

    this information might be relevant -- i'm an ectomorph with a concave chest (it's a minor case of pectus excavatum) that measures 41 and 1/2 ". my rib cage seems to extend almost as much outward as my chest.

    any thoughts on this?

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    yuor hips may be wide naturally, and you can have a large trunk, but your waist size around your belly button will drop as you lose BF%

    I used to be your waist size back when I was 240ish

    at 198lbs, and 12%-13% or so BF, I now have a 33" waist. It's still a bit thick-looking but you can see my hip bones and obliques... as you continue to lean up, odds are your waist will become smaller around than your hips.

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    yeah, my core is pretty large and my upper legs are big, which makes me much heavier than i look. you'd never guess that i weighed 185 by looking at me with clothes on (more like 165-170 is what most people would guess).

    stupid question -- can a guy's waist be skinnier than his hips? or is that only girls?

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    My waist is skinner than my hips, It's relative man. Keep on truckin, keep drivin down the road. A stone in the burning bush is worth two birds in a basket before they hatch!!
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    My waist has always been thin (30"), but my butt and legs are large. It's a pain i nthe ass trying to find pants that fit. I should buy women's pants.

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    Eating more pork.
    At 22% you know your waist is to big.
    My hip bones are near the surface, feels weird with a lifting belt on, but I still carry some fast right behind my hip bones, love handles area.

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    I usually lose 3" on my waist between bulking and cutting. Its typically around 31" when i'm cut down as far as I'll go; and around Jan/Feb its around 34".

    Currently I'm on the 34" as i'm bulking; I'm 6'2" 210lb


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