Whats up guys, I just found these boards tonight and glad I did. This is goin to be a long post so hold on. I think I could use some help in my training and dieting, actually I know I can. To give you guys some background Ive been training for about 3 years, and slowed down the last year until I decided not to play college football, and I was told I wasnt big enough. Since september I started back into lifting, most of the training prior to that was all body building basic lifts. Two summers ago I was doing westside and after I got split up from my partners(now training alone) I decided to go back to basic lifting, but kinda surprisingly Ive become fully addicted to working out. I just turned 18 Im 6'4'' 218, and my goal is to be bigger, and more ripped for the summer, and after the summer is over bulk again, then cut for the next summer. Anyway, as of now my split has been simple, and I think it needs to change and I need your guys help, and critizism, anything.

Monday is basically Just chest
Flat Dumbell Press 85 x 10 90 x 8 95 x 6
Declind Dumbell Press 65x10 70x8 75x6
Incline Flies 55x10 60x8 65x 6

Tuesdays back
every two weeks I do heavy deadlifts, Id do 5 sets start at 225 and work up to failure, which so far is a best of 455 which I know I can do better. When Its not a deadlifting day Ill do the fallowing:
Pulldowns 200x10 210x8 220x8
Sitting V bar Row 190x10 200 x 8 210 x 6
One Arm bent over row 105 x 10 110 x 8 115 x6

Wed is Legs
Squat 225x10 275 x 8 315 x 6
Double leg curl 180 x 10 190 x 8 200 x 6
Leg Extensions 180 x10 190x8 200x6

Thursday Is Shoulders
Overhead Dumbell press 75x 10 80x8 85x6
Side Raises 30x10 35x8 40x6
Front Raises 35x10 40x8 45x6
Rear Delt Flies 30x10 35x8 40x6
Dumbell Shrugs 95x10 100x8 100x6
Maching Shrugs(backwards) 10reps work down to 6

Friday is Bis and Tris
Standing Dumbell Curl 40x10 45 x 8 50 x 6
Hammer Curl 35x10 40x8 45x6
Standing Tricep Ext. 70x10 75x8 80x6
Push downs, or close grip bench, and I would work reps of 10 8 and 6

So now Basically I wana get better at this sport, and get bigger. Can you guys please let me know What you all think. I eat every two hours 6-7 times a day taking in about 30gs of protien at each sitting, I dont pay attention much to my caloric intake, but Im trying to start forcing myself to cause I understand its important. I also will cycle creatine two weeks on and three weeks off.

Let me know what you guys think, anything will help, diet plans, work out plans, Let me know what you guys think Give me some input. Thanks.