Towards the end of last year I took a few months off from the gym as work and school overtook all my time. After a week in Vegas back in January of this year and way too much all you can eat buffet I found myself near the 190 mark.

The funny thing about being out of shape is you don't realize how horribly out of shape you are until you try to get back in shape. The even funnier thing s looking back on the pictures from being out of shape you realize you looked even worse than you had thought you looked when you started trying to get back in shape.

For the last 8 weeks I've had in the back of my mind that I would be doing my first show in march of 04. However the rational part of me feared my body would simply be far too burnt out from dieting the better part of this year already.

Stats as of


scale weight 166lbs
Bodyfat 15.5%

training schedule

Cardio- 1 hour, 6 days/week, 20-30 minute second sessions 2-3 days/week
Lifting- 4-5 days per week.


ECA stack 2x day
2-4 fish oil caps
BCAA's before cardio


This was my first time getting clipped this year....15.5% was a wake up call. Looking back at when I started dieting in February I thought I was like 18 maybe 20% bodyfat at most....I was probably like 25% god only knows as I may have been higher....


Took a break from dieting for the holiday, thanksgiving eve had my last beer for what could be quite a while and ate some chocolate chip pancakes at a dinner at 4am. Thanksgiving day eat my face off like it was the night before my execution.


Diet was better, cardio and training was back on track but took my last chance to indulge in some pizza before diet was modified for pre-contest.


Diet adjustments were planned andd metabolism needs to be reset. This week would ultimately determine if my body was capable of reaching the sub 3% bodyfat needed for the day of the show.


Start of new diet.

Cardio- NONE, banned from all forms for 7 days.
Lifting- 3 days this week.
ECA- Dropped completely

Started taking Meta Cell, snazzy new creatine product.

Observations for the week- Dropping ECA after 12 weeks of use SUCKS, workouts were horrible, zero motivation to train and difficult to get pumped. Extremely fatigued despite extra sleep. Strength was down as an affect of fatigue.

12/9/03 judgement day

scale weight 162
Bodyfat 13.6%

This solidifies it, 16 weeks out...the countdown has begun. I was extremely nervous that I would be too burnt out to dial in for the show, but after all the adjustments and seeing the larger than expected drop in bodyfat my body is telling me to GO.

The goal is sub 3% for march 27th and the goal is in my sight, the race has just started but I can already see the end.


Injury prevention- shoulders have been acting up recently but I've been slacking on my stretching. This needs to improve.

Water intake is alright but could be better.

No training today.

Thats it for now.