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Thread: Who's Journal Do You Read The Most?

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    Probably spend the most time at Wikked1's and HY's. Only because if you don't check in somewhat frequently you end up having to read 3 pages of stuff every day. Other than that there are certain ones I check out often, but I also pick a couple random ones every day just to see what else is going on out there.

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    Besides my own, I read:

    Big o Boy
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    I never have read many of the journals, but interestingly enough the one I read the most is the one containing virtually no discussion about exercise......Kaixuan's. Go figure.
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    i never read the journals unless one comes up when i search for something ... even then, i usually skip because the journals are so long. after reading this thread, i think i missing out on something. perhaps i will go be a voyeur now. better late than never.
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    journals are where its at, I started by lurking in a lot of them, but eventually got over my shyness and started posting. I would like to read more, but usually pressed for time and these are the ones I hit:

    AKA, bruteman, dedicated, wikked, St.Patrick, john, jiinx, nevermore, dbol, Homeyield, yobrickwall, DK, chops, hahn, BigoBoy, Cocoa.

    that is most I can remember off my head without going back into the journals and looking names up......but yeah, I read as many as I can, this place is wealth of info and its awesome to follow peoples progress and here their stories.
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    I TRY to read everyone's but the ones that get most of my attention are-

    Belial(of course), Homeyield, YoBrickWall, BCC's(my idol), Big O Boy(mi amigo/rival), Midee(wank), BigCorey75(new journal, but inspiring), Cocoa, and Teufelhound.

    Thats about it. I usally only post if there is something particulary eye catching.
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