I haven't kept up with a journal on this site for a while, but I am going to change that. I am coming off my best meet ever(my 9th total) and I think that my journal can help those intersted in powerlifting. I do a lot of weird stuff you won't see in most journals, so if you want anything explained along the way just ask. So here are my current numbers and my plan of action for the next few months:


sq- 575
be- 310
dl- 495

sq- 551
be- 330
dl- 485
ttl- 1366@158

Bodyweight ranges anywhere from 155-160 lately depending on time of day and whatnot. My next meet will be a push/pull on Feb 21st in upstate NY. It will be sanctioned by the IPA. I will then most likely travel to Las Vegas to compete in the AAPF Nationals on March 20-21. This is the drug tested Nationals of the American Powerlifting Federation(APF). If this cycle goes well I will have a shot at the AAPF Open 165 National and world record squat(573) and total(1471). My training:

Mon- Heavy bench(boards, shirt, etc)
Wed- DE sq/dl
Thu- Bench assistance
Sat- ME sq/dl

When I get closer to the meet I will most likely be getting in the canvas for 4-5 sessions to hit some heavy singles like last time. During this cycle I will try to stay away from excessive heavy pulling and focus more on heavy squatting, speed pulls and assistance work to increase my DL.