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Thread: tall guy questions, help!!

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    tall guy questions, help!!

    hey guys, i'm 6-4, (weigh about 215) i've been lifting a couple years, and people are always telling me how i look like i lift a lot. HOWEVER, because i've always been so tall and lanky it's been tough to really put on mass. i've recently decided to really commit to taking in tons of protein, and i'm at about 190 grams per day.

    I think i want to keep bulking, at least for a bit, but what i really want is DEFINITION. Right now i can bench 225 lbs 5 times. What do you all think? For example, when I can bench 225 lbs 6 times do you think that might be enough strength/mass to finally cut (i'm dying to really get cut since i've got small love handles and at best have a 4 pack).

    thanks dudes.

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    I dont think your strength matters when you decide to bulk/cut.

    Just be prepared for a slight drop in strength when you cut.

    As to what you bench. Well im not saying 225/5 times is weak ... but for your weight its not that great.

    I dont really care much for strength. Im more into bb. YOu should probably decide which you prefer now and go with a workout that focuses on that.

    good luck


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