Im sure most of us here keep failry clean lifestyles and may avoid alcohol as much as possible, but c'mon were all human. every so often (for some like me more than others) you want to go out to a nice club or a bar and have a few nice drinks. what is yalls favorite things to drink?

me personally whiskey and coke is a fav.

my fav whiskeys are

1. crown royal (special occasions)
2. jack daniles
3. evan williams

then there is rum and coke
1. bacardi
2. capt morgans
3. port royal

not a huge fan of vodka but ill only drink smirnoff and above grades

as far as beer goes, i hate light beer. to watery. i drink alot of malt liquor. colt 45, schlitz, steel reserve, red dog, ice house, and old english.

the only real beers i like are bud weiser, dos equis, and corona

what about yall?