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Thread: One arm stronger than other. What to do?

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    One arm stronger than other. What to do?

    Do i go about my workout like normal? do i isolate the weaker and work it harder?

    Someone told me just to do the same ammount of reps you can do with your weak arm to your strong one (even if you dont feel a pump in the good one)

    any ideas on how to strenthen up the weaker arm. (id like to keep both arms same size too)
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    Was just reading you sig.. I am a noob but if i were tryign to loose weight i would not be takign 3 scoops of weigh?
    This seems like the cool thing to do...

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    Just keep working out. Use dumbells if you really want to.

    This question comes up every few days, in this form or "my is bigger". So scroll down a few threads.

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    hello there friend

    the answer lies in deadlifting, in deads, you hold your hands in two variations, I am sure you already know this, do deadlifts with the hand over the bar, under the bar and the other way around, this way your arms will be equal in strength if you do this over a period of time, I had the same problem and did this, and it worked, but ofcourse its my homemade solution and no bulletproof tip.
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