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Thread: How Much Do You Spend?

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    My friends and I do a Chinese gift exchange. There's too many of us and we're all pretty close, so we don't get eachother individual gifts. We buy one gift, then draw numbers. Lowest number picks first. We can then steal gifts for those that chose first, etc. Makes it a lot of fun.

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    I usually spend about $300-400 total. But more if I have a g/f at the time. Most of it on family though. I only get a few friends gifts and they usually only cost about $20 each.
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    im with "TrWebb, reloaded and madhatter". are all you guys in high school? i can understand if you dont have a job..but if you are above the age 16 you should get your family members something! anything, to show them that you care (thats, if you care).

    anyways, im a po' college student and pay my own apt utility bills and groceries (mom fronts the rent, we own the apt. complex). I only work about 20 hrs a week, im struggling for cash, but i still seem to spend $450.00 on christmas.

    ill tell you one thing, having a girlfriend for 4 years really taxes your bank account around christmas. also having 5 brothers, mom, dad, and girl to buy for, i have no money for friends. all my buddies just go out before christmas and have a few drinks togeather.

    i love christmas, i just always freak my self out with all the spending. cant wait till i have a real job!

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    Don't spend too much on christmas, though I would if I had more money. Just finished college so the 20 grand student loan sorta holds you back. So, pretty much go for nice/thoughful gifts instead of big purchase things. Then again, I think christmas is more for kids. When your grown up, it's more of the spending time with them then anything else.

    So, let's see.. girlfriend spent about 100. Parents about 100, friends.. 20ish a piece. That's about it. Oh, yeah, brother about 30. But we normally don't get gifts for one another.

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    I spent around 350.00 for one person, but one gift is getting returned, so it'll come out to be around 220.00.

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