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Thread: Need help with a diet plan

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    Need help with a diet plan

    Ok first off let me start I am a 16 year old male, 210 lbs as of December 21, 2003. I m not sure of my body fat. I m trying to get down to 170lbs by April. While keeping as much of my strength and muscles as possible. The sports I'm involved in are wrestling and track and field ( I m a thrower). I m a high school student in school from 7 - 2:30 and at wrestling practice from 3 - 5:30. Practice is usually alot of drilling of new moves, alittle live wrestling, and laps around the school 10 - 20 usually.

    The equipment I have to use is as follow: heavy bag 100lbs TDK, free weights that go up to 300lbs, ez-curl bar, and olympic bar, a eliptical machine, and a ab roller.

    I'm looking for a good diet plan to follow, I'm new to dieting and honestly have no idea what to eat, when to eat it etc. It is difficult for me to get 6 meals in a day as I wake up around 5:30 A.M Monday - Friday shower, get done, dressed, and then I'll eat a breakfast consisting of 2 - 3 scrambled eggs, and sometimes a small bowl of cereal. I leave my house at 6:30 and arrive at school by 7 driving there. From 7 - 8:30 I m at school just sitting there doing homework or something. 8:30 - 2:30 I have classes. I get a break at 10:22 - 10:32 and then a lunch break at 12:16 - 12:46. After school at 2:30 I have to go directly to locker break.

    I don't really know what is good to eat. So I'm hoping for someone to give me a meal plan and when/how to incorporate them into my day.

    If there is anymore information needed please ask. I m very serious about this because I m trying to get slim for myself, as I feel its hopeless and I m going to remain the size I am. Alot of people tell me I can never be skinny, and that I'll never get there, I want to do this for myself and for them to prove it CAN BE DONE with hardwork and dedication.



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    Of course it can be done.

    First thing you should do is write down everything you eat during an average day, including how many calories you get at the end of the day. This will allow us to better adjust you're diet to suit you're goals. I can give you some general guidlines right now though.

    1) You might want keep you're carb intake moderate-high right now because of all the cardio type work you're getting in (wresting, track, lifting). Carb sources should primarily come from complex sources (ie, oats, whole wheat bread, yams, sweet potatoes, rice, whole wheat pasta). Also, make sure you get in a good amount of veggies in as well, fruit is good too but go easy on it. Stay away from the simple carbs (ie most things sugary like breakfast cereals, ice cream, candy) The only time you will need simple carbs will be around lifting times. Run a search on post-workout shakes for more info.

    2) Keep protein high, at leat 1g per 1lb of body weight. So for you, that should be about 210grams. Some great sources of protein can be; boneless/skinless chicken breasts, tuna, salmon, whey powder, low fat milk, eggs, some red meat. Have some protein for every meal.

    3) Keep fats moderate-low. Stay away from food that is loaded with trans fat (cookies, crackers, chips, french fries etc.) Instead get you're fats from healthy sources, fish oil caps, olive oil (not heated), flaxseed oil.

    This is a very basic guidline to get you kinda started on everything. Give us a little more info on what type of food you eat, how many cals etc.. and we can help you out some more.
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    Good advice! Carry food with you to school,as you will definately have enogh time to eat it at your breaks.Tuna,chicken breasts,and baked potatoes are good things to carry along with you as well as protein powder in a shaker(just add water),bananas and apples.Good luck !


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