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    I'm having a problem with my lifts. I lift a pretty generic split:
    Monday: Chest & Tris
    Tuesday: Cardio
    Wednesday: Legs & Shoulders
    Thursday: Cardio
    Friday: Back & Bis
    Sat & Sunday: Rest OR 1 day of cardio

    I lift 3 exercises per muscle group. Problem is for instance chest - tri day. A typical day looks like:
    Dips - 3 sets
    DB Flat Bench - 2 sets
    DB Tri Extensions - 2 sets
    Flat DB Flyes - 2 sets
    Skullcrusers/close grips - 2 sets
    Incline DB Bench - 2 sets
    Cable Push Downs - 2 sets - the last is a drop set

    I work every set to failure. By the time I'm at Inclines - I'm freakin wiped. I can't do anything near my personal best. If I switch the flat an incline bench the next week - my weights are totally different. Long story short... I can't lift as good at the end of my workout. Should I be worried about this? Another thing to note is that my reps/weights move up every week - usually 2 reps per exercise a week. Does that sound reasonable?

    More food, more rest - I don't think either of those are a problem... I'd appreciate any comments.

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    If, for instance, on my chest day I do flat bb bnech first then incline db press, I can't do nearly the amount on inclines as I could if I did those first. There is nothing wrong with that. It simply means you are working hard. I'd be surprised if you could do close to your personal best 6 exercises into your workout. If by then you are wiped out then its really not necessary to keep going. You've pushed those muscles a good deal and since you aren't pushing the maximum weight you could, its not doing much for the muscles. I'd say you'd be fine dropping the last 2 exercises.

    Its also very good to progress every workout. 2 reps is pretty good. I typically only get one or 2 more every workout.
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    re group your exercises, your putting tricep exercises before some chest movements, put all chest movements first then your tricep movements and see if that helps ya out.

    something like this:
    flat DB bench
    incline DB bench
    press downs

    this way you wok your chest before your tricep and you wont ose much power on inclines...

    hope this helps
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