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Thread: Shoulder Horn

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    Shoulder Horn

    Hi so anyone ever used that shoulder horn? it can be seen at Its suppose to be for the rotator cuff. I think my rotator cuffs are probly really damaged thats why i cant do overhead presses without intense pain in my deltoids. Anyways it claims a 20 pound skyrocket in your bench in a few short sessions. Anyone ever used the crap? I wanna buy it then i can maybe do direct shoulder work for once in my life. any comments welcome thanx bunches Marco

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    I have used one (well, played around with one that a guy had at the gym). Not sure how it can get you a 20 lb increase in bench unless your bench is bad due to rotator injury and you need to rehab it. It basically locks you into a postion that forces the rotator cuff muscles to do the work, but you can get creative and do some exercises without the horn, the horn just makes isolating it easier.

    You don't need it to do "direct shoulder work", there are a lot of other things you can do. But, it's not like it won't isolate like it says it will- it's not a rip-off or anything. Note: it is covered in cheap-type foam that probably will rip easily without care, but the bar beneath seems sturdy enough, so it should last a while.

    Plus, the looks you get from it are worth at least 1/2 the price of the thing.


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