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Thread: Another call for HELP!!

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    Another call for HELP!!

    Hey guys,
    A quick question:
    My workout partner has gotten WEAKER in the last few months on his bench. Also, he hasn't gained any size either. This is our standard routine:
    4 sets each 8-12 reps
    I was tired of platueing and by protest I changed my own routine. Now I have seen improvements but my partner won't follow my routine because he's still following the bench pattern of good ole Ronnie from years back. And of course what do I know right??...

    The changes I have made that he disagrees with:
    I begin my warmup with pushup, usually about 2 set of 15 with a 1-2 minute break in between and a good stretch at the end.
    He's still benching the bar 12x's for a warmup.

    My high is 3 sets of 115. I will start there and drop 5 lbs every set not to drop under 100lbs even if that means i'm only pushing the bar once on my very last set.
    Set 1 115 3-4x's
    Set 2 110 4-6x's
    Set 3 105 4-6x's
    Set 4 100-105 4-8x's <--- if I ate my wheaties that morning

    His sets:
    135-155 6-10x's
    if he has done 155 then 145 and so forth down to about 125 or 135 burning out his last set on the lightest he can push for 12 reps.

    Also his grip changes from bench to bench. I follow the standard, "fall into a pushup position and where your hands fall naturally is your appropriate bench grip. According to him though, changing his grip will increase or build different angles of the "same" muscle. Ok whatever, but his arms are always so far apart. I believe this is one of the reasons why his chest is not growing. I think it's actually going in reverse LOL!! But why would his stregth DECREASE?? Even if he followed his same routine day in and day out, wouldn't he at least maintain???
    Any help would be great!!! Also if you can add or take anything away from my routine please feel free to critique, add to, remove, whatever. I'm always looking for something new once plateu hits!!! Thanks guys!!
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    My first guess would be that he's doing 16 sets.

    Have him drop the incline or decline.

    I like his warmup better.

    Moving his hands around changes which muscles do most of the work, not what angle he hits his chest.

    There could be a number of other reasons he's struggling... but the first thing I'd do is lower the volume.

    How is he doing with his other training?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I would take a look at his deit before looking at what weights he is throwing up.
    This seems like the cool thing to do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PedestrianX
    I would take a look at his deit before looking at what weights he is throwing up.

    I'd tend to agree. Maybe he's not eating anough cals, especially if he's not gaining size.
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    Yeah, I would look at the diet. My training partner decides every so often that he doesn't want to take whey anymore, and his benching usually goes down. It could be that he doesn't have the protein to repair after all of that volume.


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