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Thread: I'm about to begin a cut after new year's. I need some help

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    I'm about to begin a cut after new year's. I need some help

    I am 5'11 170 and probably between 12-15% BF. I've been bulking pretty clean(besides the last couple weeks for holidays) and I've went from 152 up to 170.

    I've gained some size but I've also gained some fat. I was gonna bulk to 180 but since I've been eating so liberally lately I'd like to prove to myself I can cut back and lose some BF.

    So my question is to the intelligent guys in here.....

    What is a good number of calories to start my cut at based on my size and weight?? Also, how much cardio should I start doing to begin with? I know I wanna try to lose about 1 pound per week, so how should I approach this. This is my first real cut. I'd like to cut to about 8-9% and then start another small bulk followed by another cut before swimming weather.

    So please give me some direction. It's time to start using Fitday seriously again. Thanks in advance.

    Current Stats

    24 years old

    5'10 220 pounds

    Waist: 38 Shoulders 56 Chest: 47 Arms (cold): 17.5 Forearms: 13.5 Quads: 26.5 Calves: 16.5 Neck: 17.5


    BB Bench: 315 @ 215
    Squats: 410 @ 205 (last winter)
    Deads 515 @ 214
    Total: 1240

    My Journal:


    Intensity: Lunch comes up! And breakfast! MET- Rx! Egg whites! Hot Stuff! Designer Whey! Yohimbe! Coenzyme Q! L-Carnatine. MTCs. OKG. All immersed in a mixture of stomach acids that peels the ivory off your teeth.

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    ok start at BW x 13 for cals and do cardio like twice a week.

    Increase Cardio or reduce cals from there if you're not losing any weight after a couple weeks. Oh, and good call w/ the fitday. it def. helps on a cut.
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    what i do is just start lowering calories (200-300 per week) until I'm losing 1-1.5 lbs per week, keep protein at 1g per lb of bodyweight or slightly higher, 25-305 of the cals from fats and fill the rest with carbs
    Edgar V.

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