I am 5'11 170 and probably between 12-15% BF. I've been bulking pretty clean(besides the last couple weeks for holidays) and I've went from 152 up to 170.

I've gained some size but I've also gained some fat. I was gonna bulk to 180 but since I've been eating so liberally lately I'd like to prove to myself I can cut back and lose some BF.

So my question is to the intelligent guys in here.....

What is a good number of calories to start my cut at based on my size and weight?? Also, how much cardio should I start doing to begin with? I know I wanna try to lose about 1 pound per week, so how should I approach this. This is my first real cut. I'd like to cut to about 8-9% and then start another small bulk followed by another cut before swimming weather.

So please give me some direction. It's time to start using Fitday seriously again. Thanks in advance.