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Thread: Critique my bulking diet

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    Critique my bulking diet

    I'm 6'7" ish, 195ish, starting with a 4750 calorie bulking diet. I'm following John Berardi's ideas on meal combinations, so I only have Protein+Fat meals, with (ideally) < 10g of carbs, or Protein+Carb meals with (ideally) < 10g of fat. With that in mind, here's what I've got:


    3 whole eggs
    3 egg whites

    273 calories, 28.65g protein, 15.03g fat, 3.0g carbs

    AM Snack:

    6 fish oil caps
    1 serving ON 100% Whey powder
    2 teaspoons flax oil

    260 calories, 23g protein, 16.5g fat, 5g carbs


    1/2lb extra lean ground beef
    6 tsp mild taco seasoning

    473.6 calories, 43.25g protein, 26.43g fat, 12g carbs

    PM Snack:

    1 banana
    3 servings grapes
    2 apples
    1 pear
    8 ounces skim milk + 1 serving ON 100% Whey powder
    3 ounces baby carrots
    1 cup cherry tomatos

    773 calories, 38.5g protein, 6.44g fat, 164.5g carbs


    1 serving ON 100% Whey powder
    6 oz skim milk
    8 oz gatorade

    223 calories, 29.3g protein, 1.83g fat, 24.5g carbs

    Post Workout:

    1 serving ON 100% Whey powder
    6 oz skim milk
    8 oz gatorade

    223 calories, 29.3g protein, 1.83g fat, 24.5g carbs


    2 pieces chicken
    6 oz pasta

    1050 calories, 92g protein, 17g fat, 129g carbs

    Late Snack:

    60 grams Cheerios
    8 oz skim milk
    1 cup oatmeal
    2 slices of whole wheat toast
    1/4 cup raisins

    867.3 calories, 34.02g protein, 11.55g fat, 156.6g carbs

    Before Bed:

    1 serving Micellar Matrix Casein protein
    4 slices whole wheat bread
    4 slices turkey
    8 oz skim milk

    578 calories, 63.4g protein, 7.44g fat, 66g carbs

    4721.9 calories
    381.42g protein
    104.05g fat
    585.1g carbs
    46.34g fiber

    Anyone have any advice or thoughts?

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    I personally might increase the calories for breakfast, specifically carbs, and the same for post workout. Other than that, it looks decent.

    Are you gaining?

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    Definately do a protein+carb meal in the morning, and around you're workouts. Personally that "PM Snack" looks like a good breakfast to me, so you might want to switch that around.

    I would also try to go for more protein+fat meals in the evening/night.
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