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Thread: failure on every set? to fail or not to fail...

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    failure on every set? to fail or not to fail...

    ive been been lifting consistently for a year now failing on every set using WBB routine 1 and have noticed some gains (i need to eat more, im an ectomorph) and have started to plateau of my friends who is pretty well built says that im wasting my time failing on every set and to fail on only the last set of every exercise, starting with low weight doing only 8 reps for the first set, increasing weight a bit for the second set but still doing only 8 reps, then increase weight to failing on 8 reps on my last set. he says this is the key to hypertrophy.
    so i tried this today, and i feel like i hardly worked out, barely any pump, no fatigued feeling, like a walk in the park. am i wasting my time? should i stick with what works even though there has been some leveling off (i havent been able to progress in weight). i have tried HST btw and actually started losing mass and strength, yes i followed it just like it said. i have searched this forum as well and as many votes for failure i can find, i can find just as many for no failure. i really like the HIT method, just dont know if should lift to failure or not. all i care about is hypertrophy.

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    Just do what works for you. Everybody's different. Just remember that if you start losing weight/muscle, that's the fault of you not eating enough, not the routine.
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    I refer you to current discussions regarding this:

    and a great discussion here:

    And I hardly ever go to failure, but have made what appears to be really good gains.


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