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Thread: squat racks

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    squat racks

    I've been using a different gym for the past little while which has a power rack. I have fallen in love with it! My question is with a normal squat rack (training alone) is there anyway to make it catch the rack if i get stuck under the weight? For instance I usually walk backwards pretty far after the weight is on my back but if i just stepped 3 feet would that make it better?

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    as long as you stay within the parameters of the safety bars your fine. if you feel yourself fail just drop the weight.either just fall and let the pins catch it or lower yourself and let the bar go and step forward.

    the first way is betterand safer but use the second if you dont have the flexibilty to reach the pins with the weigth on your shoulders

    a good rule of thumb is to just set the pins level with the hips. this is usualy a good judging spot for a safe drop of weigth just in case you fail
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