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Thread: lose fat/gain muscle? pls help

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    lose fat/gain muscle? pls help

    im pretty new here and i must say ive been enjoying all the helpful information. ok so lets get down to it, i recently lost a fairly large amount of bodyfat. i lost 60 lbs from last june to now. ive been in the gym lifting regularly 4 days a week and im glad to see im finally getting some results. but ive been having trouble with what kind of diet i should be on. im only 5'10 and im still a husky 240. i want to put on more lean muscle mass, but i also need to lose about another 20lbs of fat. any help would be great. will also graciously accept any routines that helped other in same predicament.

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    keep dieting and lose the 20lbs first, and then go on a slow bulk
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